We offer high quality video production services to meet the digital marketing needs of your growing business.

Crezent is a video content producer of videos for every marketing application and platform. Our video production company serves a broad base of businesses.

Website videos

Video content for your company website is a must. Companies that enable video on their websites increase their visibility and retain more traffic. Website videos accomplish this.

Types of Videos for content marketing

Product and Service videos

The best way to promote business online for your growing service and business is through online video.

Video testimonials

Nothing attracts more customers than video testimonials from existing customers. Let your customers tell prospective customers how great your products or services are.

Aerial videos and drone based video production

Aerial drone footage works great for real estate and event applications.

Corporate videos

Training videos and corporate presentations come to life with a well produced video.

Motion graphics

Video content has exploded and organizations are benefiting from the increased engagement rates of video based content.

Crezent provides comprehensive video production services from concept and pre production to post production. We desire to be your video production agency.

Script writing

Script writing is essential to developing effective video content. Crezent develops scripts to include these goals.

We define a target audience. Who do you want to educate about your business? What do you want to offer?

We outline a central character and a point of view for the video.

Our scripts defined the audio and visual elements of the video. Where will it be shot? Will the video include voice over and background music?

Does our central character need a teleprompter or do we ad lib the production with discussion points? These are all items identified in scripts developed for our clients.

Custom Graphics

Based on the visual elements defined in the online video script, Crezent develops custom graphics to complement the video. Custom graphics might include motion graphics, transitions, special effects and more. Crezent develops custom graphics and animations that complement your brand and color scheme.


Crezent utilizes the latest equipment and video editing equipment and software to produce a professional online video.


In some cases, voice overs provide benefit depending on the nature of the video. Crezent provides voice over as needed and determined in the scripts we develop.

Music and background effects

Crezent currently utilizes a broad base of resources for background music and sound effects. Based on the target audience and goal of the video, we'll select music that appeals most to the audience.

Production Quality video

All video worked produced by Crezent is provided to the client in high definition and with the utmost attention to quaility. Crezent's videos may be provided in HD via the cloud and in multiple formats including mpeg, wav, quicktime and more.

Corporate Video Production

Crezent does provide corporate video production services to companies of all sizes. We produce training videos, educational video, real estate videos and more.

We are an award winning online video company. Crezent is established as one of the oldest marketing consulting companies in the South Atlanta area. In addition to video production services, Crezent's marketing solutions includes web design, graphic design, social media and marketing consulting.