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It’s an important choice for your organization when partnering up with an agency that has the marketing experience, technical expertise and creativity. Crezent tells the stories of local organizations through strategic planning, creative thinking and an attention to gaining the attention of your prospects. No other agency has served the area longer and been more involved in the Fayette Community than the Crezent agency.

Our core values are uncompromising … Humility, Creativity, Community and Service are the values that our agency has been established upon. The success of the organizations that call Fayette home are our priority. Fayette County, GA is blessed with a number of innovative and forward thinking companies and the Crezent Agency exists to support companies both large and small.

The Crezent Agency desires a conversation with each and every business in our area. We feel a conversation leads to a relationship that leads to a partnership … an opportunity for the Crezent Agency to serve your organization with transparency, respect and a celebration of your accomplishments.

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Peachtree City has come a long way and we continue to serve the community with website design services.

Peachtree City, Georgia, boasts a unique and relatively recent history that sets it apart from many other cities. Established in 1959, this planned community was the brainchild of Joel Cowan, a visionary developer who sought to create an innovative and highly livable urban environment.

Before its development, the land that would become Peachtree City primarily consisted of agricultural fields and forests. Cowan’s vision aimed to incorporate green spaces, efficient transportation, and modern amenities into the city’s design.

The defining feature of Peachtree City is its extensive network of golf cart paths. These paths, which now span over 90 miles, were originally created to provide residents with an alternative mode of transportation, reducing the reliance on cars. Today, they remain a distinctive and beloved aspect of the city’s identity, allowing residents to navigate the community easily by golf cart.

Over the years, Peachtree City has grown into a thriving community known for its quality of life, excellent schools, and recreational opportunities. Its well-planned layout, with residential areas, commercial districts, and recreational facilities strategically located, has contributed to its appeal.

Peachtree City’s history reflects a deliberate effort to create a modern, sustainable, and interconnected community. It continues to evolve and adapt while preserving the unique characteristics that have made it a sought-after place to live and work in Georgia.