Managed IT Services from our IT Partner Tri-Copy

Crezent is strategic partners with Managed IT Services provider Tri-Copy.

Tri-copy provides cloud based services, network security, technical support and managed print services to a broad range of businesses.

Mitigate security and compliance risk and gain peace-of-mind with Tri-Copy's proactive service solutions

Tri-Copy is your trusted managed it company offering information technology security, infrastructure, audit and compliance services to financial institutions. We offer a complete suite of managed services specifically designed for a broad range of organizations. Our technical engineers and support professionals have the expertise to successfully assist you with all your IT requirements.

Audit and Reporting

Tri-Copy's Audit and Reporting suite allows you to gain efficiencies by centralizing the management of your IT infrastructure. This service provides your business with a compliant IT Security Program. The program covers policies, procedures, controls and reports to most effectively utilize your internal IT resources.

Cloud Services

It is critical for businesses to keep their systems online and continually available. There is no latitude for system or data disruption, and with advancements in technology, there is also no excuse.

Businesses can now outsource their entire IT infrastructure to Tri-Copy. Tri-Copy can host your computing infrastructure in our fully redundant private cloud computing environment. The cloud is specially designed to meet the security and regulatory requirements of financial institutions.

Internal Safe and Secure Services

Tri-Copy's Internal Security Services provide managed security protection that ensures the safety and integrity of your critical information and assets. Our integrated end-to-end platform monitors, analyzes and manages the security of your internal network and systems.

Security Event Compliance

Tri-Copy's Security Event Compliance Suite is designed to address a myriad of security event information captured within your entire network. It makes sense of the log data and addresses threats as necessary. It also detects policy violations, and easily uncovers the root cause of a security incident or breach if required.

Employee Productivity and Security

Balancing employee productivity and protecting vital company data, customer information and intellectual property continues to be a challenge for financial institutions. Data breaches can happen, whether malicious or accidental, and they can be devastating, both financially and to your customer relationships. Tri-Copy's Employee Productivity and Security Suite provides a protective perimeter around your business.

Professional Technology Services

Businesses are challenged by an ever-changing IT landscape. Tri-Copy can assist you in integrating new technologies, core processor migrations, and disaster recovery plans.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Your business needs 24-7 support. Tri-Copy both manages your IT resources and can provide technical support in a timely manner. Your computers and network are business critical systems that Tri-Copy can maintain.

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