What is an Editorial Calendar and why you need one

August 4, 2017 Social Media Management 0

An editorial calendar is used to plan out your social media messaging, blog topics, and scheduled search engine optimization dates and times. There are three different types of editorial calendars:

  • Printed calendars- this is an old school approach, but is helpful mapping out content and making notes of important events that are coming up.
  • Spreadsheets- sharing a spreadsheet with everyone in your office is free and easy. You note what days and times you want a certain post and image posted, and anyone with access to your social media and the spreadsheet can post on your behalf.
  • Social media calendar app- this is the most efficient and effective solution, but these apps are not a free tool.

Before you invest a lot of time into creating an editorial calendar, the top four benefits to having an editorial calendar in place will be provided, which will help with ideas and make planning ahead a little easier.

  • When you have to manage multiple social media accounts, it can get tricky to remember which accounts you have scheduled and which you have not. Having an editorial calendar in place will help you keep track of what you need to post and on what day.
  • Planning your social media with an editorial calendar lets you make the most of the time you have for social media. The longest part of scheduling social media will be putting together the editorial calendar.
  • Having a completed editorial calendar keeps you on track to send out social media. Having a clear plan laid out for you will help keep your social media channels active and sending out good information.
  • Using an editorial calendar allows you to schedule your social media posts for optimal times; increasing the odds they’ll get seen.

Once you have your editorial calendar completed, you can hand off the task of posting to anyone that has access to all of your social media channels or a mass posting service like hootsuite.

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